1. Company Introduction

The greatest epoch making contribution to human race may be the discovery of iron. And among the irons, the fabrication of stainless steel is deemed to be an undeniable breakthrough that achieved a notable step forward in human civilization. Having been established to supply stainless scraps, a main ingredient as more stable and improved forms in deep recognition of the importance of stainless steel from earlier, we, Hungseng Corporation. are striving with all the efforts by our executives and staffs under the managerial ideology that there could be no development of a company without the development of human, and are confident that a thin ray of light of ours will shine the whole human race.


2. Company History

• 1988 - Hungseng Corporation. established
• 1997 - $5 million of exportation achieved
• 2003 - $10 million of exportation achieved
• 2006 - $15 million of exportation achieved